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Startup AdReady Dreams Big About Things Small (And Medium-Sized)

adreadylogoDoes the name AdReady ring a bell? No? Well, if all goes as planned, in a few years it will. For everyone.

A Seattle-based startup that is – you guessed it! – all about online advertising, AdReady wants to be big. Really big. Google big. And it intends to reach such a seemingly unattainable target by thinking small and simple.

Okay, maybe we should clarify things here somewhat. We don’t mean to
say AdReady wants to become the next Google. AdReady doesn’t want to
dominate the search world. That wouldn’t be a sensible strategy to
pursue at present. (Unless it was making purposely-comedic attempt.)
Rather, it hopes to make itself into the next Google Ads
albeit with lots more color. It wants to make the manufacture and
distribution of graphical spots a wholly uninvolved and elementary

For all. You. Me. Everybody. Or, you know, at least those that which
to advertise something or other and want to show more than that boring
ol’ text stuff Google’s managed to get mega-rich off of.

The basic idea is to provide clients (of which it hopes to have
many, many, many) some templates with which to construct their
rectangular sales pitches, and “eliminate (any) financial and
technological barriers” that typical come part and parcel with most
existing big name graphical ad networks.

AdReady’s creators claim that big brands and agencies mostly have
free reign over display advertising, and believe that a focus on
smaller entities currently unable to option consultations and deals
with star firms will be a policy that garners massive profits as the
years progress – much the same as both Adsense and Adwords have done
for Google.

Now, whether AdReady can position itself as a company whose reach
and influence are remotely close to that of the present master
distributor of Web ads is clearly a vast leap to consider. Nonetheless,
is it possible? If the startup plays its cards perfectly and manages to
strike a viral nerve in the advertisement world, perhaps. With some
especially smart moves and a good bit of luck, it could gather enough
business within a relatively short timeframe to grant it broad notice.

But that’s more or less in the best of circumstances, so we’ll
really just have to wait and see what comes of the budding outfit as it
further navigates its way about the market’s open waters.


What do you see in AdReady’s future? Boom? Bust? Something in between? Share you comments below.


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