Bango says it can count cell surfers accurately

By Tony Dennis / the Inquirer

Tuesday, 22 July 2008, 10:53 AM

A COMPANY BEST known for its mobile payments service, Bango ,
claims to have found the Holy Grail of the mobile internet: a means of counting
unique visitors to mobile web sites.

This capability is built into its Bango Analytics version 3.0 product.

Capturing unique visitors hits is more tricky with mobile web surfers than
their PC equivalents. For starters, cookies aren’t generally supported by mobile
phone browsers or can be lost as soon as the phone is switched off.

Plus the IP address of a mobile handset usually belongs to the network
operator rather than an individual device.

Bango carried out a survey of over 550 mobile website owners, and found that
80 per cent wanted to know the dail, weekly or monthly number of unique visitors
to their sites.

Data is based around Bango’s user ID technology which is created when an
individual clicks on an advert or browses a mobile site.

The ID is compiled through sophisticated WAP gateway profiling, data from
browser analysis, session information plus network interactions.

The good news is that for smaller sites the service is absolutely free and
the price rises to a maximum of £299 ($499) for a site which has five million
page views per month.

Those who reckon their mobile site attracts less than 100,000 page visits per
month can try it out for free

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