Founded: Started last year by Mercer Island 20-year-olds
Aaron Levie — a junior business major at the University of Southern
California — and Dylan Smith, a junior economics major at Duke

Employees: Three full time, with three contractors.

Financing: Backed with just under $500,000 from Seattle angel investors and Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

Business: Online storage that allows computer users to upload
photos, word documents and other files so they can be shared with
friends, family members and co-workers.

Web 2.0 definition: "It is the idea that Web is becoming more
interactive, so it allows you to participate a lot more than just
viewing a Web page," said Levie. "… Web developers are doing things a
little bit differently than they did five years ago or even three years
ago, so on the technology side, we are developing our applications with
a different view."

How different than Web 1.0: "If you want to send someone a
file, they can just subscribe to your RSS feed and then they will get
an update every time you want to send a file to them," Levie said.

What about Google: "Now that people have an accurate
understanding of what Google Base is, I think we are a little bit
safer. It seems that they are working more on the commerce and
classified type of business, rather than upload your files and share
them with the world," Levie said. "We are still a private
environment. Google Base, if you are going to upload files, you are
going to be sharing them with the world, and our site wasn’t really
founded with that purpose."

The Web 2.0 hype factor: "There are a lot of similar
companies being introduced right now and I am not sure what the future
is going to be for a lot of them, because these big companies can only
acquire one of every type of service."

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