Woman Entrepreneur Looks to Inspire Other Women Entrepreneurs

How many women have great ideas and do not know where to go to get advice,
inspiration, or mentoring? In addition, how many women want to start
businesses, have an entrepreneurial spirit, but have no idea where to
start? is a free website that offers all of the above
and more.

Irvine, CA, August 29, 2007 — How many women want to start businesses and think they need a ton of
money or an MBA? These days women are starting businesses at astounding
rates, and many are capturing niches by "bootstrapping" their ideas.

Smith, Founder and CEO of Eyes Cream Shades, a leader in quality
sunwear for kids, has "bootstrapped" her company to become a
"recognized" brand name within the optical arena, among eye care
professionals nationwide. She is now successfully taking her Eyes Cream
Shades brand into other niche markets as well. In addition, she is also
Co-Founder of Chizzlin Shades, a sunglass company focusing exclusively
on the tweener market, for those ages 8-12, which is set to debut next

"When I started my business, I did not have a lot of
money, nor did I have a business background…what I did have was a lot
of determination and passion for capturing a niche within the quality
kids sunwear market," says Smith. "At the time I started my company,
there were not many resources for women entrepreneurs to go and get
advice, mentoring and/or inspiration, so I basically learned from the
‘school of hard knocks.’ Though I made ‘mistakes’ along the way, I
learned invaluable lessons that I am able to share with others."

entrepreneurial niches is what Smith excels at and she is taking her
real life experiences to her blog –, (a term
coined by Smith to be the female slang of "bootstrapping") to help
other "want to be brastrappers" turn their passions into
entrepreneurial niches.

Check out her blog at

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