San Jose start-up BzzyBee lets students collaborate online.

Nick DeMonner, Lisa Hansen and Mike Minardi are trying to launch a start-up
into a tough market with just modest funding. Which means they’re
cutting costs at every turn. But they’ve found that a low-budget
lifestyle doesn’t mean eating ramen every day. The San Jose trio have
discovered how to eat well inexpensively, and they’re sharing their
discoveries in a new cookbook called “Eat, Drink, Breathe Like a Start-up.”
From Rubba Dub Rubs to Boostrappin’ Beans and Rice, this is food that
won’t tip the balance sheet in the wrong direction. The Mercury News
talked with the three about the book and their soon-to-launch web site
aimed at entrepreneurs called Start-up Living. Also, tune in to next week’s episode of Inside Silicon Valley, where we chat with the team about their new start-up, BzzyBee.

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