Profile: a startup site where everything is free
is a Start-up website owned by New Venture Company claiming to give
away overstock merchandise for absolutely nothing! It’s not just free
fonts or screensavers, it gives away valuables like toasters, MP3
players, and jewelry.

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If you’re wondering what’s the catch, self-described “webpreneur”
and founding partner Sarkis Chakarian says “someone does pay for our
products. But it’s not the consumer.” According to him, retailers and
wholesalers alike pay his company to offload products they can’t afford
to keep on shelves.

“It might sound crazy that a company would pay to give away its
products, but not when they’ve been laying around for a few years
taking up precious warehouse space. In the long run, it’s actually
cheaper to unload it,” said Sarkis.

Consumers can order any number of products displayed on
FreeOverstock for absolutely nothing but they should pay a nominal
shipping and handling fees.

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