NEW YORK – Add gBox Inc. to the growing list of online music services hoping to chip away at iTunes’s dominance.

The Cupertino, Calif., startup was forced out of a stealth mode when
Universal Music Group announced late Thursday it would test sales of
some digital music without the customary copy-protection technology.

Under the program, gBox will get referrals through ads Universal will
buy through search leader Google Inc., gBox Chief Executive Tammy Artim
said Friday.

Google will get standard advertising fees rather than a cut of sales
under the arrangement. The ads, which would appear when a Google user
searches for specific terms such as the name of an artist, will direct
the user to gBox.

The arrangement with Universal and gBox is separate from Google’s music
search service, which directs users to online music stores when they
search for specific albums or artists. The company says it does not get
paid for such referrals, and it does not restrict links to a single