Small Businesses And Startup Businesses Get Capital To Sustain And Grow During The First One To Three Years In Business

09.04.2007 23:54:34

Now business owners across the United States have
another resource to obtain a business line of credit – a necessity for
helping business people meet their goals and bring their dreams to

September 04, 2007 ) Livonia, Michigan — Any established small
business owner or entrepreneur starting a new business needs a funding
source such as a business line of credit to finance their next deal,
expansion or new project. There is now a way for business owners to tap
into an important new source of business capital.

Business owners with credit scores of more than 675 can go to
to apply online for credit lines as high as $500,000 for small
businesses. Start up businesses can get as much as $100,000. Initially
the credit line is based on the strength of the owner’s credit ranking,
however, the line of credit attaches to the business rather than the
owner’s credit report. This is an important consideration for business
owners who often are forced to use personal savings or personal credit
to fund business operations and growth opportunities. No collateral is
required for the business line of credit.

The process is simple. Once you are on the homepage of
provide your name and e-mail address to learn about the program. As the
first step in the application process, the business owner provides
basic information about the business, which helps to determine the
amount of the loan. The website outlines the four basic steps in the application process.

A one time processing fee of $29.95 is charged. Once approved, the
business owner can receive funds in as little as fifteen business days.
Five points are charged upon appproval.

This renewable, revolving line of credit can be used for any purpose.
Every business owner understands the need of having a credit line for
short term cash flow, capital investment, business startup, business
growth, high yield investments, short term equity replacement, debt
consolidation, and replacing money and personal credit used for the
business. The money can also be used for business reserves.

If your credit score is below 675 can also provide information about repairing your credit, so that you can qualify for a business line of credit in the future.

Janak Mehta, Business Development Director of National Real Estate
Network, says, “ is here to help
investors, entrepreneurs and business owners to get business lines of
credit. This is the real deal.”

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