Get Your Business on Howcast

Do you know how to write a thank you letter? Or fake being sick? A new startup called Howcast is
combining filmmakers, experts and business for one purpose: to create
entertaining, well thought out how-to videos. Anybody can get involved.
For example, if you’re dying to let your inner Spielberg out, you can
get paid to make videos as a Howcast Director. Or if you own your own
business, the Howcast Network provides a great opportunity for free
promotion of your company. It’s a simple idea with plenty of potential.

Techcrunch recently wrote about
Howcast and its founders, Jason Liebman, Daniel Blackman and Sanjay
Raman, all former Google employees who worked on Google Video and
YouTube before they left the company eight months ago. According to
Techcrunch, Howcast recently announced an $8 million series A financing
led by Tudor Investment Corporation.

Not only are these videos entertaining, but they actually teach you
a thing or two. Our favorite how-to’s are "How To Fix a Wet Cell
Phone"–which could come in handy– and "How To Dance Without
Embarrassing Yourself," purely for the comic value.

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