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May 29, 2008

Located in Dallas, Rob Holmes started IPCybercrime
with his last paycheck from his prior employer as well as his trusty
credit card. His is still bootstrapping his six employee firm with
$650,000 in revenue for 2007 and estimated revenues of $750,000 this
year. The company assists luxury brands and large companies manage
their counterfeiting problems. Their technology scours the Internet for
infringements, allowing them to make undercover buys and ultimately to
bring bad guys to justice. They handle around 1,000 cases per year, and
believe that with additional capital (i.e. to hire people) they could
sell even more.

Rob, who started the company because he was underpaid and
under-appreciated at his last gig of seven years, runs the business
with with his brother Jason Holmes. Rob was inspired to start the
business by his father:

In 1980, former NJ State Trooper Robert L. Holmes Sr. obtained his
private investigator’s license and began implementing some of the
world’s first swap meet anti-counterfeiting enforcement programs for
many famous brands. In 1988, he became one of the first PIs to utilize
then-new computer databases to solve his cases, renaming his firm
Holmes Hi-Tech. From 1989 to 2001, he was retained by the world’s
largest brands to lead their anti-counterfeiting efforts on the streets
of New York. Here, he became one of the world’s most renowned experts
in brand security and Asian organized crime. Years after Bob’s untimely
passing in 2004, my brother & I continue to practice his strategies
on a worldwide scale, the Internet.

office is alive with music as he listens to LPs on his circa 1970
record player (what is that?). His music helps him deliver information
to his employees as he explains, “The deal is: If you hear Willie,
Bruce, Frank, Elton, come on in. But when Eddie Rabbitt is playing, you
leave Rob alone! I also make my employees laugh as much as I can do so,
including the occasional pratfall.”

Rob hopes to reach $1MM in revenue next year. He is looking for
capital.  We would love to profile your company too, just complete our application here.

Name Rob Holmes
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Founder & CEO
Phone (972) 422-2100
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Company Founded 17 October 2001
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Rob Holmes, CEO
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Nastassia Holmes, CFO
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Jason Holmes, COO
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We were originally funded with my last paycheck from my prior firm
and credit cards. We are still bootstrapping it and self-funding.
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