is a user driven internet startups community. Entrepreneurs, investors,
and bloggers are staying informed on up-and-coming internet startups
using our blog platform, where internet entrepreneurs submit their
startup to see what others think about it.

Our vision:
“Tapping the wisdom of crowds to find the next internet big thing.”
We deeply believe in the power of crowds, and we want to put it to good
use by detecting in an early stage what’s going to be big.

History and Development:
After acquisitions such as the ones of MySpace and YouTube, and success
stories such as Kayak, PriceGrabber, Facebook and many others,
everybody started looking for “the next big thing” on the internet.

A new wave began!

We believe “the next YouTube” is going to be somewhere here, on That’s our goal. We aim to provide you with that
info right at the birth of the startup, when it’s only a promise. It
will be up to you to detect it and do something with that information.
We believe our community will be able to spot “the next YouTube”, and
in order to achieve this goal, we are providing what we believe to be
the right tools for this kind of discovery.

It doesn’t take a lot to realize that in universities around the world,
young entrepreneurs have started talking compulsively about creating
“the next big thing”. In New York, San Francisco and the world over,
investors are having lunches just talking about it.

Something is clear: entrepreneurs want to hit it big with “the next big
thing” and investors want to finance it. aims to help them both by reviewing up-and-coming
internet startups right on the spot, right at their birth.

We saw a lot of things going on, so we decided to do something about
it. We came up with the idea to create a space for a community where
members could go and give their opinion, vote, and participate in order
to get a feeling for what’s going to be big. We thought that if we put
together a large enough group of the big internet players, with VCs,
entrepreneurs, and suppliers all coming together to share a vision,
something extremely powerful would have to come out of it.

We follow blindly the belief that the wisdom of crowds will be able to
determine who “the next big thing” on the Internet will be. That’s why
we want to tap into that wisdom, so that all of us
as members of this community can benefit.

About us:
Gonzalo Arzuaga (36) – Co-founder,, Inc.
Gonzalo has written 5 books about the internet in the areas of business
and marketing. He started a search engine in 1996 in Argentina,
GauchonNet, which rapidly became one of the most visited sites in the
country, and finally was acquired in 1999 by Terra-Lycos. Gonzalo’s
latest creation features, which has already reached
1.8 million unique users with its service.

Matias de Tezanos (27) – Co-founder,, Inc.
Matias was one of the two principal founders of ClickDiario, a Hispanic
online advertising network that grew to a user base of 45 million per
month before being acquired by internet conglomerate LiveDoor (Japan).
Now he focuses his efforts on new internet startups, such as
– a fast growing social network in Europe reaching 1 million visitors
per month, and, a healthcare information portal created
for English speaking internet users.

Joey Amorin (26) – VP Sales & Business Development,, Inc.
Joey has spent the last few years of his life making a career in the
Internet industry. After working several years for different e-commerce
websites, in 2005 he co-founded,
a Los Angeles, CA based company that focuses on advising and
co-managing Internet startups, as well as helping traditional
businesses go online. In October 2007 Joey joined as
its full time VP of Sales & Business Development.

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