LazyLibrary, which will launch on Monday, is a niche search engine that looks specifically for books that are 200 pages and less.

In order to help you find the most concise and effective books,
LazyLibrary provides a resource for books that aren’t too long for you
to handle. Type in your search query and see what you get. The result
is a great deal of reference and instructional books, as well as books
for kids and teens. Your search results are filtered by page number,
and icons representing 50 pages display for each result indicating how
long a book is. The exact page number is also shown, as well as
consumer ratings on a 5-star scale, the number of reviews for the book,
and the book price for used and new copies. Your purchases are done
through Amazon.

In effect, LazyLibrary is a front page that offers filtered content
for Amazon books, as the reviews, ratings, and prices are reflected
from Amazon’s website. While leveraging Amazon’s user ratings and
reviews as comparison points for its own users, this limits the amount
of direct value LazyLibrary can offer. Providing basic member resources
such as a favorites folder or its own internal community for reviews
and recommendations could in fact remove steps for LazyLibrary users
prior to moving along to Amazon for purchases. Other online resources
for books include GoodReads, Shelfari and LibraryThing.

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