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Mefeedia : 15,000 video websites aggregated and counting

August 18th, 2007 by Frank

We now aggregate over 15,000 “video websites”, making Mefeedia the leading video aggregator.

What does this mean and how does this break down? A “website” is a unique host URL – i.e. everything from and to to (our 15,000th site aggregated)!

Why is this significant?

Number of websites and number of feeds are important to online video because of:

  1. Quality – the person producing a series of videos
    for a video feed is serious – he/she has taken the time to create a
    video “show” with a theme and regular , quality content.
  2. Coverage – providing great coverage to as many
    sources as possible. We cover more video websites than everyone that we
    know about. Any aggregator can cover the big guys (YouTube, MySpace,
    Dailymotion to name a few), but covering the thousands of many smaller
    video sites makes Mefeedia truly unique.

Summary of Sites

The 15,000 video sites that we cover is very extensive. Here is a sampling:

  • Major Video sharing sites: YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion, Veoh, Vimeo, Blip, Revver …
  • Video Blog Site:,,,,,, …
  • New Networks: Revision3, Next New Networks, Worldwide Biggies, Podshow, Libsyn …
  • Blogging (with Video) Platforms: Blogspot, Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, MoveableType …
  • Mainstream sites: BBC, Reuters, Comedy Central, ABC News, CNN …
  • Educational Sites (350 .edu),, …
  • Organizations:, …
  • Governments:,,,,
  • International: .it, .de, .jp, .ca, .uk, .fr, .hk, .br, and most every country!

We hope you enjoy our site and service. The best way to use Mefeedia
is to create a personal media experience by following these easy steps:

1) Sign-up for mefeedia (it’s free)

2) Find a video or feed that you like.

3) Click “i like” little dude underneath the video to add that
individual video to your “favs”, or click on the “Subscribe” button to
subscribe to that feed (your channel will automatically be updated when
that feed has a new video!).

4) Enjoy your channel by clicking on “My Channel” – either watch
videos there or put your channel into your player of choice (we
included instructions to put it into your iTunes on your “My Channel”

– The Mefeedia Team


YouTube (and Flash Video) has revolutionized online video – similar
to how Netscape (and HTML) revolutionized the Web – making it easy to
browse and view what you are looking for. The problem is that the 1st
generation video sites such as YouTube are caught up with with what
made them successful – the ease and viral nature of flash video – and quality suffers. It is time to move on. We need a 2nd generation. What are the attributes of the 2nd generation of online video:

  • Personalized : easy to find, organize, and
    subscribe to what you want to watch, with the addition of personalized
    recommendations (such as Netflix and Amazon do for movies and products,
  • Quality Viewer Experience : we aren’t talking about the quality of programming – that depends on what you are looking for – we are talking about the quality of the viewing experience. We need the HD option. We need to not be interrupted for buffering. We need to not have to wait a long time for the video to begin.
  • Wherever, Whenever : the video needs to be available online and offline, on the big screen, medium screen, and small screen; in virtual works such as Second Life, in feed readers, in media players, and on devices. Video needs to be able to move about as needed.



Mefeedia - the 2nd Generation of Online Video

The 2nd generation online video networks – such as Mefeedia  – bring together quality content and make it available openly to enjoy WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want. With Mefeedia, you can:

  • Create your own channel – join Mefeedia and start
    subscribing to video shows/feeds and favoriting videos – these all
    create a personal channel, bringing together your favorite videos from
    any platform and any video sharing site – over 14,000 video sites currently supported on Mefeedia.
  • Watch your channel – in Miro,
    iTunes, or wherever you want. If you use Miro, all of this content is
    then downloaded to Miro for enjoying offline as well. Get the content
    on your iPhone or any other mobile device or set top box that supports
    Media RSS.
  • Discover more – continue to discover new videos
    through your friends and what they are watching, and through our
    recommendations engine that learns as you go.

The 2nd generation of online video is going to be similar to what
Google did to the Web : make it simple, easy, accessible, and fast to
find and enjoy what you want to watch (without having to “own” all of
the content – imagine if Google had required you to “upload your
website” before you got into their search engine!?!). I’m looking
forward to the next big step in online video.




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