New Internet Startup Offers a "Real" Virtual Penpal

Members of the new Internet startup can now correspond
with a self created alter ego. After creating a friend a team of writers is
waiting to assume the role of this fictional friend and create an experience
strikingly similar to writing a real life friend.

Lafayette, IN, August 08, 2007 –(–
An Internet startup is offering a new type of online social experience. On people can now create their own online alter ego to be an
email pen pal. Users create a profile of their ideal best friend with as much
detail as they wish and shortly afterwards they will receive a real message
from their friend. On the other end is a team of writers assuming the
identities of the users’ friends that actually write the correspondence. Each
identity is assigned to a specific writer to ensure continuity. Over time a
meaningful relationship will develop between a user and his or her virtual
friend. charges no fees to register for the service or to remain
a subscriber. However, it does provide the ability for members to send “gifts”
to their friends. Friends that are well gifted will probably write frequently
and with a great deal of enthusiasm, friends that are neglected will be a
little less enthusiastic about writing.’s C.E.O. Jacob
Hilt said, “This site is going to set a new paradigm in social relationships
over the Internet. The idea of pen pals has been with us for a long time, but
to my knowledge, nobody has ever done anything like this before.” Mr. Hilt is
willing to accept any interviews from the media. All requests should be
directed to
8320 North 1000 East
Lafayette, IN 47905
765-564-3763 (Phone)
503-210-8607 (Fax)

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