Profile: Nivio

World’s first Windows-based online desktop ‘Nivio’ launched

Vishnu Mohan
14 September 2007, Friday 

“Your personal Windows desktop on any computer in the world. All you
need is a web browser and Internet access, and you’ll find all your
files and software just as you left them,” according to a press release.

is only a matter of time before the PC is just a browser," said the
company in a statement. “Browsers are being incorporated into more
consumer devices every day, from TVs to game consoles. So we don’t know
what you will use to connect to your desktop, we just know you will
want to.”

and CEO of Nivio, Sachin Duggal, says he has always believed that the
world would change if only computing was made simple.

to Duggal, he always dreamt of a desktop that was anywhere and yet
nowhere; that was stress-free and fault-less, and that’s how ’Nivio’
was born.

The original name he had in mind for the service however, was ’myremoteworkstation’.

says ’Nivio’ is a device technology agnostic, and would be useful to
all desktop users in accessing their Windows desktops remotely through
Mac, Windows, and even some handheld devices.

Duggal founded the Company SMX Corporation at a young age, during his teens. He is 24, now.  In
the year 2000, he received the PriceWaterHouseCoopers ‘Leader of
Tomorrow’ award followed by the ‘BBC Young Asian Achiever of the Year

to him, “The biggest achievement for me then was when I was working for
the 12-week internship in FX Research at Deutsche Bank AG London – I
developed a chart automation software that saves the bank $200,000 per
annum”. At 17, Duggal was the youngest trainee at Deutsche Bank.  He decided to take a break from work and focus on a new idea.  This is when the concept of online desktops was born and giants like Microsoft, AMD and Adobe also got involved. 

stands for ’hardware liberation’. Your files follow you. You don’t need
to take along your external media or even burn CD’s.  Just log onto Nivio and access your files on any computer at your destination. With Nivio, your data follows you.

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