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How To Make Money Naming Domains

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

is a perfect example of how to turn one’s talent into a profitable
business. With ever expanding Internet and tens of millions existing
websites, finding an available domain name that’s not already taken by
cybersquatters can be a real nightmare.

one man’s problem is another man’s solution. Rather than to shell out
hundreds or thousands of dollars for a domain name on the aftermarket,
an increasing number of web entrepreneurs turn to professional “domain

most naming agencies charge a non-refundable fee that can be as high as
$1500 for a corporate domain, one service that unites 17 professional
domain namers from countries like United States, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, decided to offer a risk-free service that costs only 50 dollars per domain.

50 dollars are deposited, clients start getting a list of available
domain names via e-mail for a period of 30 days. If they see a domain
they like, they register it and notify the service about domain
acquired. The individual, who came up with the name, gets $25, the
other half going to the service. If no domain is registered, the money
is refunded in full.

the idea is brainlessly simple, it appears that PickyDomains.Com has no
competition with its risk-free business model. But that is almost
certain to change as more people find out that finding available domain
names for other people can be a profitable business.

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