Startup Offers MySpace Artists a Unique Promotional Opportunity for $1 per Day

Twenty year old aspiring web entrepreneur launches in an attempt to raise money for a web startup’.offers MySpace artists a unique promotional opportunity for $1 per day.

2007-12-20 18:25:11 –

December 20th, 2007 – Twenty year old aspiring internet entrepreneur from London launches is an entirely original and unique way for MySpace artists to promote their profiles. Artists can book one of ten slots in any given genre on the PukkaProfiles homepage, where an image and accompanying link to their profile is be placed. Each booking lasts for a 24 hour period and costs only $1. It also provides artists with an alternative to annoying and time consuming comment spam.
For users looking to discover new music, having limit of 10 artists in each alphabetically organized genre, makes it quick and easy to find what they are looking for and doesn’t make visitors feel too overwhelmed, as is often the case when browsing on MySpace. The small $1 fee charged to artists helps maintain a relatively high standard of content, whilst the 24 hour booking slots mean the artists will be constantly changing and therefore supplying visitors with a regular flow of new music, in bite-size chunks.

In need of someone to help build the website, Richard used the popular social networking site, Facebook, to search for computer science students who could do the work. This obviously kept costs low in comparison to paying an agency for such work and therefore enabled him to pay for the work with the remainders of his student load and a small amount of savings.

‘The initial reasoning behind PukkaProfiles was to raise money to help fulfill my dream of building a ‘real’ web startup- says Richard, the sites owner. After dropping out of Nottingham University last year to get this ‘real’ startup off the ground, it has proved extremely difficult due to his lack of funds. ‘Being only 20 years old, with no previous experience of running a web company, securing any kind of funding has proved near impossible-. Richard was therefore forced to put on his thinking cap and mastermind some alternative methods of raising capital and the PukkaProfiles concept was born.

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