Coupon Alerts As You Shop Online

October 30, 2007 — 12:35 PM PDT

RetailMeNot is an online
coupon site, and its done a very smart thing by adding browser plug-ins
and widgets that help you shop. There are three new tools for doing so,
including a Firefox extension, a Google gadget, and a widget for Mac
Dashboards. Each of these will alert you when you come across a website
that has available coupons. These all update weekly.

The Firefox extension may be the most useful, as it’s the easiest to
take advantage of. It keeps you from having to return to RetailMeNot
for repeated checking, and cuts down on time spent for comparison
purposes. You won’t have to check and see if there are any coupons for
the site you’re visiting, and the automation of this process makes
things easier for you.

This goes along with the concept of having coupons for immediate
access–instant gratification, that is. We’ve seen it a lot on the
mobile front, with services like Text2Store delivering mobile coupons while you’re offline, in a store, and
, which hopes to earn advertising revenue by delivering targeted ads based on your exact (retail) location.

RetailMeNot is building up its collection of tools to make coupon
delivery a less-than-tedious action for you. It already had a
bookmarking tool, and JungleCrazy, which finds and delivers deals
specifically for Amazon.

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