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Send your bzCard to anyone with cell phone

rmbrME is the fastest, most effective and sales-friendly way to
connect with that perfect lead. It’s the latest must-have in your
arsenal of powerful Business Development tools.

Just grab your mobile phone and punch in a few keys. In an instant,
that new lead gets your bzCard directly on their phone, is able to
browse your products and services, custom greeting and photos, and send
their bzCard back to your Address Book, CRM or Outlook for your
followup and tracking. They can even add you directly to their
LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace.

Best of all, rmbrME is free (except for text messaging charges from
your mobile carrier) and simple to use – no subscriptions, downloads or
special phone needed!

There is simply no better way to get and keep in touch with new leads in real life.


Key Benefits of rmbrME

Stronger Connections than ever before: our users report up to 60% lead response growth!

Better First Impressions than paper cards alone. rmbrME includes photos, links, social networks and fully customized messages.

Easy Followup & Lead Management with Outlook, Mobile, CRM integration

Works with any phone, anytime so you don’t need a special device or plan.

Cheaper and Greener than the alternative, even when used with paper business cards.

How it Works

rmbrME lets you exchange your socially networked business card using text messaging. It’s Easy:

  1. Create a free profile once
  2. Meet Someone
  3. Text their number or email address to 762763
  4. They get your bzCard immediately
  5. You get their bzCard sent back to your phone

It’s faster, greener, cheaper and more effective than business cards alone.

See how professionals of all stripes benefit from rmbrME

Sign up for your free bzCard today and harness the power of rmbrME!

More About the Benefits of rmbrME:

  1. Stronger Connections: send your bzCard directly to
    your targets’ mobile phones and they can respond with their info in 20
    seconds or less, creating a two-way connection. rmbrME also includes
    full social network support, so you can get LinkedIn or Facebooked with
  2. Great First Impressions: your bzCard includes
    customizable links, photos, social networking info and greetings that
    are sent directly to a contact’s mobile and/or PC making it easier than
    ever to be remembered in a truly personal way.
  3. Easy, Instant Followup & Lead Management: add
    bzCards to any popular PC or mobile address book or CRM application
    with ease, and bring your lead acquisition cycle full circle.
  4. Control, Customizability and Personalization:
    rmbrME gives you complete control over what your new targets can see by
    giving you a fully customized bzCard where you’re in charge of your
    links, messaging and photo.
  5. Works Anywhere, Anytime: it doesn’t matter if
    you’re on an iPhone, BlackBerry or Treo, rmbrME works with any phone,
    carrier or service plan without downloads, subscriptions or premium
    fees* and you don’t need to know what kind of phone or service plan
    your new contact is using, either!
  6. Free, aka Cheaper Than Business Cards: other than
    any messaging charges imposed by your carrier, there is no charge to
    use the basic version of rmbrME. And you never have to worry about
    forgetting your cards or company info, they’re always with you.
  7. Green: your bzCard required no paper or petroleum
    to send, and no paper or petroleum to receive (minus the basic impact
    of having/using a mobile phone) – and millions of trees are felled each
    year around the world to make business cards.
  8. Works with your business cards now: you may not be
    ready to give up paper cards just yet, and we understand. Just use
    rmbrME together with your paper cards or handouts and double the impact
    of your communications.

Connecting Made Easy

You simply meet someone, send a quick text message with their
contact info and voila: they get your bzCard – a one-stop “electronic
business card” that has your photo, contact information, social
networks, company profiles, products and services, or anything you
want. Your target can add you immediately to their address book or
follow your important links with a couple of clicks – right from your
phone. It’s like a business card, handout and followup call rolled into

Additionally, you may immediately receive the prospect’s contact
information to enter into your database – saving you the hassle of
having to rekey or remember whom you’ve met, or deal with complex
databases and file formats. And if you use our iPhone application, you
can even leave yourself a note about your new contact right away!

Still not convinced that you can radically improve
your business with rmbrME? Connect with us and one of our team will be
happy to help you get started with your free profile.

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