Norwegian Startup, Secustream Reinvents Streaming Media Security with
Unique Second-By-Second
Content Protection System

SecuShow technology to Protect Broadcast, IPTV and PC Media Playback

IBC 2007

Norway & AMSTERDAM, Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Envisioning a
world where any digital movie, video or game can be securely shared
over any IP-based device, Norway-based Secustream
has developed a novel way to protect streaming digital
content — second by second.

Called SecuShow, the patent-pending system is
designed to prevent piracy before it can happen. The technology assigns
a series of completely random media keys to each second of digital
content being streamed via PCs, IPTV or other pay-per-view and on-demand
set-top systems.

Unlike competitive technologies, the SecuShow access keys have no
relationship to each other and are streamed separately on a
low-bandwidth connection from a security server. The result: Digital
content becomes impervious to automated attacks and simply too difficult
and too time-consuming for a person to hack.

The technology is being demonstrated this week in stand
in Amsterdam at the International
Broadcasting Convention (IBC2007
), the leading annual event for
multimedia content creation, management and delivery in the broadcast
and entertainment industries.

We looked at the source of todays
digital-rights-management headaches — automated attacks — and set out
to solve that problem, said Gisle Østereng,
Secustream founder and CEO. SecuShow
provides unique protection for each second of content playback, making
it incredibly time-consuming to break. It would be like one thief having
to break into a thousand different banks with a thousand different
security systems, instead of one bank with one system.

Secustreams proactive approach to content
protection aims to help anyone from amateur videographers to major
Hollywood studios to share and sell their creative and copyrighted works
in a way that is affordable, high quality and secure. SecuShow is
currently in customer trials, and the company is exploring further
partnerships in the global PC, broadcast and IPTV space.

Piracy and consumer rights continue to be a
debate in the digital world, said Jon
Peddie, industry analyst, Jon Peddie and Associates. While
the powers-that-be duke it out, Secustream has stepped in as a middleman
offering a multi-level security system that meets the needs of content
owners and consumers in a streaming media and pay
for play media environment.

SecuShow is an end-to-end software system that is scalable and flexible
for many streaming media applications. It supports standard video
formats and encryption algorithms, while also supporting Windows, Apple,
Linux, and set-top box environments.

The technology prevents reverse engineering, and it uses a series of
unique software protection technologies to secure media content in rapid
succession throughout playback, without compromising video quality.

About Secustream

Incorporated in 2006, Secustream Technologies provides secure streaming
media solutions that can help digital content owners address the
challenges of content protection and digital rights management. Its
patent-pending systems prevent reverse engineering throughout the entire
playback cycle and are designed for IPTV, broadcast, PC video and other
environments. Originally invented at the Norwegian University of Science
and Technology, Secustream technology continues to be in development at
the companys headquarters in Trondheim,
Norway. For more information, visit

Note to editors: Visit Secustream Technologies at
the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2007) at stand 1.529, RAI
Exhibition and Congress Centre, Amsterdam. For more information, visit

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