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The state of Technorati according to Dave Sifry

By Mercury News
Sunday, May 27th, 2007 at 12:10 am in Inside Silicon Valley.

technorati_sm.gifWhy is the CEO of Technorati stepping aside? Is the San Francisco blog search engine for sale? How can Technorati become a powerhouse media company? CEO Dave Sifry
answers those questions and more in this interview with the Mercury
News. A pioneer in the blog search world, Technorati is now four years
old and. Some skpetics think the company has stagnated. But Sifry sees
an opportunity to grow Technorati to 10 times its current size, into a
“next generation new media company.”dsifry_80w.jpg

Some highlights:

4:15: On why he’s looking for a CEO to
replace him: “I’m not a consumer Internet guy. I’m not a guy who’s
built a Yahoo or a Google…Could I learn it? Yeah, sure. But the bigger
question in my mind was, is it smart for me to essentially have the
company pay for my mistakes?”

8:34: On whether Technorati has stagnated: “You
know people can think whatever they want to think. That’s totally fine.
I mean, I know what the numbers look like. The board knows what the
numbers look like. You can look at the charts and the graphs. We know
what our revenues are…. What I care about the most is how do we build
an absolutely incredible user experience for our users.”

21:10: On whether Technorati is for sale: “I think
that the opportunity around building a really big independent company
is very real, and it’s very exiciting. And I’ve got investors and a
team who feel really bought into it….I’ve met people who, you know, are
built to flip. Remember that book? Me personally – and maybe you can
call it a personal flaw – I don’t know how to do that. It’s not in my
nature. ”


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