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Startup TypeRoom Building Online Content Management System

The company is currently beta testing pro and lite versions, which are based on WYMeditor open source software.

Startup TypeRoom on Thursday launched in private beta online editing
and publishing tools people can use to change individual pages on Web

The tools are the first piece available of TypeRoom’s Web-based content management system
that the company plans to release in beta in the second quarter, with
the first version shipping in the second half of the year, chief
executive and founder Reilly Sweetland said. The "lite" version
available now is what the company is offering to give people a chance
to test the ease of use of the WYSIWYG editing tools.

To access the tools, the user must first log in and then type
in the URL of the page to be edited. TypeRoom copies the page but does
not actually download any of the images, video, or other assets.
Instead, the editing tool displays the page just like a browser, using
the HTML code in the page to request whatever content is on the server.
"We’re just copying exactly how a browser works, so we don’t have to
make copies of the assets," Sweetland said.

Users are able to make text changes, insert new images or
video, and edit anything else on the page, Sweetland said. TypeRoom
offers two ways to publish the modified page.

With the first option, the edited page and all linked files can
be uploaded to TypeRoom’s server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
TypeRoom, in turn, can publish the new page to the hosting server of
the originating site. In the second option, a URL for the edited page
can be sent to a Webmaster, who can download the page and its assets
and publish them himself on the server.

People wanting to use the first option would pay TypeRoom $12 a
month. Webmasters using the second option would be able to use TypeRoom
at no charge. "We want Webmasters to know about the product," Sweetland
said. "It’s a kind of win-win thing when Webmasters know about it."

Webmasters are often overloaded with requests for minor changes
on clients’ Web sites. TypeRoom Lite could help ease the burden by
giving those clients an easy way to make the changes themselves, and
then send the changes to the Webmaster for posting, Sweetland said.

TypeRoom Lite is scheduled to be generally available this quarter. The tools are not a full-fledged content management system.
When that comes later in the year, it will offer features for
organizing the large number of pages and templates associated with
company Web sites, Sweetland said. "Lite is the microcosm, and Pro is
the macrocosm."

TypeRoom’s upcoming online content management system would
publish pages to a Web server via secure FTP. As a second option,
TypeRoom plans to publish an application programming interface that
Webmasters could use to download changes and upload them to their own
servers. "It requires a little more work on their part, but some
companies will want to do it that way," Sweetland said.

The API won’t be available until after the first version of the
Pro product ships. TypeRoom tools are designed to work only on pages
from the same domain to prevent people from copying pages from other
Web sites. The TypeRoom tools are based on the WYMeditor open source software.

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