Profile: Zynga Game Network

Silicon Entrepreneur Goes Online


to the New York Times newspaper, high-profile Silicon Valley
entrepreneur Mark Pincus has launched a new company to develop online
games for sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

Pincus stated that he has high hopes for his new Zynga Game Network,
which will initially be based in San Francisco with 27 employees. The
newspaper reported that the company has been reinventing card games
such as poker and blackjack alongside classics such as Risk, Boggle and
Battleships for the past few months with the vision of offering these
to users of social networks.

The 41-year-old has built a number of successful Internet start-ups
ahead of emerging trends including an early social networking site

The Times reported that Zynga’s version of Texas hold ’em poker has
already attracted hundreds of thousands of regular users with Pincus
believing that Internet ventures can be created on the back of the
rapidly growing social network phenomenon.

Zynga’s forward plan involves casual games that are easy to master as
well as cheap and enjoyable with the company receiving ten million
dollars in investment capital from venture capitalists Union Square

“People already love to play casual games but when you take a casual
game and stick it inside a social network, it becomes way more
exciting,” said Fred Wilson, Partner at Union Square Ventures.

“This is like pouring gasoline on a fire.”

Other investors in Zynga include high-profile Silicon Valley figures
such as Peter Thiel, a Facebook investor and board member, Reid
Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, and Robert Pittman, former Chief
Operating Officer for America Online.

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