Quit Whining: How To Make An NYC Startup Work

Quit Whining: How To Make An NYC Startup Work

| 7:40 PM

hear it all the time, so it must be true: Launching a startup in NYC is
harder than anywhere else: You can’t find good people, there’s no space
for fledgling companies, everything’s too expensive and there’s no
money to be found. But SAI contributor and Path 101 CEO Charlie
O’Donnell is having none of it: In a response to a thread on the NextNY listserv, he argues that startups are hard
if they were easy to do, everyone would be running a startup — and
that NYC has plenty of resources — for people who know how to find
them. You can read a longer version of this post on Charlie’s blog.

The space issue is BS.
The lack of technical people issue as a NYC-specific issue is BS.
The good lawyer issue is BS.
The lack of funding issue is BS.

you are aiming to build a successful startup, anywhere, I feel like you
need to know your niche through and through. If you are building an
events database for uber-trendy clubs, not only should you be a club
kid (or have one on your team) but every single last club owner and
club promoter in NYC should not only know who you are, but think you
are the shizzle.


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