Research Paper – Social network websites

Research Paper – Social network websites

social networks and meeting platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or
Meetic are currently developing at a frantic pace. These companies have
been reporting two or three-digit growth rates and most of them have
launched intensive acquisition campaigns in the last two years or are
now being targeted by major media groups. The sector is beginning to
structure itself around some key players, which have succeeded in
becoming the reference platform within their field, as the result of
their innovations and positioning.

Social networks
have numerous specificities. A company’s ability to identify and
understand these specificities, and offer suitable answers, results in
major success within this field. Today, this sector appears mature
enough to enable a study of the market’s leading firms’ development in
order to identify their “best practices” and to propose a specific
framework analysis for each type of website.

Consulting, a member of the French association Silicon Sentier has
taken the first step by presenting a study on social network websites.
This study formulates the basic concepts of social networks and also
analyses online matchmaking websites and business network websites.
This third research paper is distributed under the Creative Commons
license to allow for further contributions by other specialists and web
users in the coming months, due to expected major industry moves.


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