Seniors Brings Stability to the Work Force

Seniors Brings Stability to the Work Force

July 2008

employees may be an asset when businesses are hit with bad news. A study from the University of Alberta found that as we get older, we get
better at rerouting worrisome information to areas of the brain that
can process it analytically. Older people are thus “less affected by
upsetting situations,” says University of Alberta psychiatrist Florin
­Dolcos, who led the study. Dolcos and his team showed disturbing
images to groups of younger and older people, scanning their brains as
they reacted. The older subjects (average age, 70) more actively sent
the potentially distressing data from the brain’s amygdala (the seat of
emotion) to the anterior cingulate cortex (involved in emotion
control). They also rated the images as less “negative” than younger
participants did.

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