Sharing, storing photos on the Web

Sharing, storing photos on the Web

BY JENEE OSTERHELDT / Knight Ridder Newspapers

Cameras flash fast to capture moments, but sharing them can sometimes be a slow process.

Whether a digital camera is holding the memories captive or you want to make copies of pictures from your traditional camera, online photo-sharing is making it easier to share the holiday moments.

Many Web sites, such as Snapfish and Shutterfly, offer free membership
and allow you to make online photo albums to share with your friends
and family. Many sites even have personalized gifts you can make with
your pics, such as mugs and calendars.

It’s as easy as uploading pictures from your digital camera or a scanner. Here’s a look at a few popular photo sites.


Cost : Free to join, 12-cent 4 x 6 prints, 20 prints from digital cameras free and you get your first roll of film developed free

Services: Online photo albums, photo sharing, slideshow, guestbook, process film, camera-phone compatible

Ease of Use: Simple

Products: Flipbooks, mugs, calendars, infant garments, playing cards, scarves, blankets, stickers, dog collars and more

Final thought: Overall, it’s easiest to use and seems like the best bang for your buck.


Cost: Free to join, 15-cent 4 x 6 prints, 10 free prints

Services: Online photo albums, photo sharing, cell-phone wallpaper, guestbook, slideshow, film processing

Ease of Use: Simple

Products: Kodak has a buffet of products, from stickers to shirts to mouse pads. They also teamed up with the Gap for special photo books and postcards.

Final thought: It’s Kodak. The quality is great, and they have a lot of nice products. It’s definitely a get-what-you-pay-for deal. But they will send you plenty of ads.



Cost: Free to join, 19-cent 4 x 6 prints, 15 free prints

Services: Online photo albums, photo sharing, slideshow

Ease of Use: Simple

Products: Photo books, stationery, coasters, magnets, prepaid print plans, children’s books and more

Final thought: The ability to turn your family photos into children’s books makes this site appealing. It’s also great that friends don’t have to join to see your albums. But the prints cost more than Snapfish, and both sites offer nearly the same services.


Cost: Free to join, 9-cent 4 x 6 prints

Services: Online photo albums, journal, photo sharing, slideshow, guestbook

Ease of Use: Fotki has a lot of clutter, but it’s easy to use once you go through it once or twice.

Products: A $50 premium membership gets an ad-free experience, allows you to enter contests, personalize albums and sell photos

Final thought: Fotki has so much going on visually, it’s distracting. But the prints are cheap and it is much more of an online community than a photo-sharing site. Students could have fun with the online journals and albums.


Cost: Free to join, 20-cent 4 x 6 prints

Services: Online photo albums, blogs, photo sharing, guest comments, cell phone uploads, cool organizing method called "tags"

Ease of use: If you are a Yahoo! member, it’s super easy. Even if you aren’t, it is fairly simple.

Products: Flickr works with Web sites like Zazzle, Englaze and Qoop so you can order photo books, DVDs, stamps and more.

Final thought: Flickr prints are a bit costly compared with others, and having to go through another party to order products is a bummer, but it has a bold look and is compatible with many blog sites and camera phones.

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