Skyrock beats Myspace Facebook hands down

Skyrock beats Myspace Facebook hands down

Skyrock has been named as the
largest social network in France, according to the latest comScore
World Metrix report on French social networking sites.

The popularity has been attributed to its focus on the French
language, and its appeal to other French-speaking countries, including
Belgium and Switzerland. With 13.2 million unique visitors from within
France for the month of July, Skyrock claims 50% of the country’s entire online population. For July, MySpace came in second place, with 2.3 million unique visitors. The thought for MySpace’s launch
in France was that it would be a direct competitor to Skyrock, but it’s
clear that Skyrock’s blogging platform and social network has remained
dominant so far.

Another interesting point brought up by comScore is that fact that Facebook has been unable to successfully penetrate the French market, despite its rapid growth in Europe
since January. This may go back to the point that Skyrock’s attention
to the specific country of France, and the French language, has enabled
it to become a hometown favorite, and largely unaffected by larger
global social networks. In another recently published comScore report,
educational and sports sites have gained in traffic for the month of
August. See here for the top 50 sites.


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