SOCIAL SEARCH GUIDE: 40+ Social Search Engines

SOCIAL SEARCH GUIDE: 40+ Social Search Engines

August 27, 2007 — 11:57 PM PDT — by Daksh Sharma

Google got Facebook application today,
allowing you to share search results with friends. In fact, search is
becoming increasingly social, with both the top search engines and
startups incorporating users into the process of generating the best
possible results. In our social search guide, we look at more than 40
search engines that either include user input in generating results or
allow you to find information about people across a multitude of social
networks and public records.

People Powered Search Engines – Search engine where people people’s votes help determine the results.

ChaCha – Search engine
providing search results from multiple search engines selected by
users. Chacha provides live assistance to help guide users search. – Allow users
to add a swicki (a search engine) to their website or blog. Swicki
enables users to find content within a website and provides links to
similar content.

Gravee – A combination of
social bookmarking, tagging and voting. It personalizes search
preferences based on your individual interests.

iRazoo – Allows registered users to provide ratings for each search results and earn points. – Scours social sites to generate results for web sites, people, videos, and pictures.

Mahalo – Building on the idea of Wikipedia, Mahalo provides search results edited and submitted users and paid guides.

mysidekick – A human
powered search engine that allows people to find and submit web pages
that are then automatically tagged with terms used during the search

Pipl – People search engine the
looks at social networking profiles, public records, and the Web to
find details about individuals. – A search engine which finds information provided by its user groups. – Pulls tag data from user-generated content web sites to organize search results.

Wikia – Based on the concept of Wikipedia, allows users to edit the search results.

Sproose – A search engine that organizes results based on the number of votes a link has received for a specific search term.

Tezaa – An engine where users ask for opinions and get answers. – Allows you to search for people in social networking profiles, news headlines, and pictures. – Search engine focused on finding information about professionals. – Searches multiple social networking profiles and blogs. – Allows you to drag and drop search results in your preferred order, which in turn updates the listings for users. – Search for opinions about specific topics. – Allows users to search through entering multiple terms that act as filters, versus one long string of keywords.

People Search Engines – Search for individuals on multiple social networks.

InfoSpace – Search engine for comprehensive information for people living in the US.

The Internet Address Book
– Search for names of people and find results from social networks,
registered Internet Address Book users, and various search engines. – Locate your long lost buddies, classmates and family members. – A search engine where people can find information by searching for user names. – A popular search engine for finding lost friends or former classmates. – Yahoo’s people search engine, pulls data from white/yellow pages. – A search engine that allows you to search for people in public records and business records, among other things. – A search engine for locating individuals that also allows users to contribute information to results. – Allows you to search for people on multiple social networks by entering criteria such as age, location, and interests.

Spock – A people search engine that scours social networking profiles and also allows users to add information to the results. – A white pages type site for locating people’s contact information. – Comprehensive listing of US residents. Results include address details, telephone number, criminal records etc. – People search engine that scours social networking sites to provide information about individuals. – A social networking and search community targeted at professionals. – Searches the Web to provide the most relevant links for individuals.

ZabaSearch – Searches the Web and public records for information about people. – A search engine for professional information about people. – A powerful human search engine for UK users with record of over 600 million users and businesses.


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