Sports Marketing Is a Whole New Ball Game

Sports Marketing Is a Whole New Ball Game

JULY 20, 2007

Wait for a TV newscast to see if your favorite team won or lost? Na-a-a-ah! Go online and find out now.

television continues to dominate — as both a distribution platform for
sports content and an advertising medium for marketers who attach their
brands to sports properties — online and mobile platforms are quickly
evolving and becoming an important part of the media and marketing mix.

eMarketer estimates that US advertising spending at
sports-related Web sites will grow from $407 million in 2006 to reach
$1.1 billion in 2011.


"The Internet promises to reshape the sports marketing landscape by
offering sports fans instant and dynamic access to scores, news,
trivia, statistics, blogs, bulletin boards, social networks, fantasy
sports services, highlights and live game streaming," says Paul Verna,
eMarketer Senior Analyst and the author of the new report, Sports Site Marketing: A Whole New Ball Game. "Web sites that successfully leverage these functions will deliver loyal, targeted audiences to sports marketers."

As a percentage of overall sports advertising, the Internet’s share will double to 10% by 2011, up from 4.9% in 2006.


"As Internet sports advertising grows in dollar volume and as a
percentage of overall sports advertising, US advertising professionals
are taking note of the favorable climate toward ad-supported sports
sites," says Mr. Verna.

According to a January 2007 Adweek poll, sports ranked second — behind celebrities — as the best subject matter for an ad-supported Web site.


"Marketers are increasingly using the Internet to optimize
sports-related advertising," says Mr. Verna. "Integrated campaigns are
now the rule rather than the exception."

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