Startup Tips Day 12: Angie Chang from Women 2.0

Startup Tips Day 12: Angie Chang from Women 2.0

Startup Tips MonthDay #12 in the CenterNetworks Startup Tips Month come from Angie Chang from Women 2.0.

Angie's Tips

  1. Business model should NOT be "get acquired by Yahoo or Google" – generate real dollars and cents as early in the startup life as you can.
  2. If your product/service/team is very tech-oriented, be sure to also hire a web/UI designer with marketing experience to make your product compelling and easy to use. Then allow this designer affect change by focusing at least half of engineering efforts on implementing necessary changes for improving user experience.
  3. Always hire people who are smarter than you are. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't utilize free help from whoever offers.
  4. General good management skills always apply — whenever you think your employee or customer is being difficult, think again about whether you could have been a better manager, or whether you could have communicated better.
  5. Most importantly, be passionate about your startup and enjoy it while it lasts! A failure can prove positive if you succeed in learning from your mistakes along the way.

Angie Chang is a co-founder of Women 2.0, a networking group of young women entrepreneurs located in the Silicon Valley. She is also a web and UI designer by trade. You can find her blog at
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