Startup Weekend creates VoSnap

Startup Weekend creates VoSnap

July 9, 2007 —

BOULDER – VoSnap – a new "virtual" company created in a 48-hour marathon – is the outcome of Startup Weekend, where some 68 people gathered in Boulder to pool their ideas and launch a business.

VoSnap is an interactive voting Web site used to help friends make decisions by offering a list of options to vote on via e-mail or cell phone.

Andrew Hyde, owner of Boulder-based Endoze Design, hosted the event at the space above University Bikes at 9th and Pearl streets in Boulder. He said the idea for VoSnap came to fruition after the group weeded through 50 ideas on Friday night.

"On Friday night we got together at 6, and we went from 50 ideas down to 10. We discussed the 10 on Friday night, and we got down to three," Hyde said. "We really got into those three ideas, and this was the one that everyone kept talking about."

From here, 12 entrepreneurs will work for "15 hours this week" to finalize the details that couldn't be worked out over the weekend. Fifty-six people will receive founder's stock in the company.

The site is set to launch either today or "Thursday or Friday," according to Hyde.

VoSnap hopes to generate revenue by a pay-per-click fee and a "sponsored fourth option" on the decision-making list. For instance, if the question is, "What bar should we go to tonight?" a local bar could pay for a spot as the fourth option under the three chosen by the user.

The company has a logo design and a Web site,, which were put together by one of the six groups brainstorming at the entrepreneurial gathering.

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