Study: 107 million people viewed online video in July

Study: 107 million people viewed online video in July

Posted 9/28/2006 8:49 AM ET
NEW YORK (AP) — More than 100 million Americans, or three out of every five Internet users, viewed video online in July, a new study finds.

ComScore Media Metrix recorded both streaming, which requires a live Internet connection, and downloads, in which a user saves a file that can be viewed later or offline. All told, 107 million people streamed or downloaded nearly 7.2 billion video clips — an average of 67 apiece.

Yahoo was tops with 38 million unique users, followed by News Corp.'s at 37 million and YouTube at 31 million, according to comScore. Unlike with MySpace and YouTube, which emphasize user-generated video, the Yahoo offerings generally came through content partnerships. Yahoo only recently started a video-sharing service.

AOL, the Time Warner Inc. unit seeking to boost traffic to its ad-supported sites largely by expanding its video offerings, did not make the top three. AOL and other Time Warner video had 26 million users, placing it fourth ahead of Microsoft, Viacom and Google.

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