System keeps an eye on baby without a PC

System keeps an eye on baby without a PC


By Larry Magid

Home security and baby monitoring cameras have been around for a long time with most requiring that you have a personal computer running at all times. But a pair of new products from Motorola is bringing those moving images directly to both cellular and cordless phones.

Xanboo, funded in part by Motorola, is about to release its X1000 Gateway device that will wirelessly connect with security cameras. Unlike most other systems, you don't need a PC on the premises.

The device, which has an Ethernet port, connects directly to any standard router. The product will let you view multiple cameras from just about any Java-equipped cell phone after downloading a free application to your phone. I tested it from my (Sprint) Samsung phone and was able to view a traffic camera and a baby cam in New York.

The X1000 Gateway will be sold retail as a Motorola product and also by phone companies and cable operators. A starter kit, which includes the gateway, a camera and a door/window sensor, is expected to cost between $199 and $249. There is a $10 monthly fee for mobile monitoring and control.

Motorola is also coming out with a cordless phone that can be used to monitor a camera. The C51 5.8 GHz Digital Cordless Phone with answering machine ($69.99) supports an optional handset ($79.99) with a color screen with an interface to an optional wireless camera ($79.99).

You can use the phone to monitor several cameras and can also tilt, pan and zoom from the handset. Motorola will soon release a Bluetooth adapter (about $99) for the C51 that will let you use your cordless handset to answer or make cell phone calls.

Just put your cell phone next to the adapter and if the cell phone rings, you can pick up the call on any of your compatible cordless handsets. It's a way to use your extra cell minutes from home or, in some cases, boost reception if there are areas of the house where you would normally get poor cell phone coverage. It works with all Bluetooth phones and can also be used to charge some Motorola cell phones.

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