Technology: Could Livecasting Become A New Advertising Model?

Technology: Could Livecasting Become A New Advertising Model?

Posted by Lynne d Johnson at August 31, 2007 4:13 AM

For months now I’ve had friends tweet on Twitter about watching,
a live video streaming network founded by Justin Kan, who started the
service by wearing a webcam attached to his cap 24 hours a day, every
day. That was back in March 2007. Since then, Justin has garnered media
attention and has grown the network to about 30 channels of livecasting
entertainment, featuring 30 different personalities.

It’s about 3:46 am ET right now and I’m logged onto, "24/7 with
Ronald Lewis," where a topless African-American man is sitting near his
bed with a boom microphone in hand, with a microphone filter affixed to
the microphone as if he’s in a recording studio. He appears to be
viewing a computer screen, and after a short while of looking at the
chat window on his live stream page I realize that’s exactly what he’s
doing — because he’s seductively speaking into the microphone,
responding to the comments being posted in the chat.

I’ve got an excuse for watching this though, I’m a terrible
insomniac. I don’t know what to say about the 1,707 users that are
currently logged into or the five to ten consistent
chatterers watching Ronald’s channel. I lost my original amusement for
the livecast a while ago, but I’m still sitting here with it open
trying to figure out the possible business implications.

Sure there are ads to be interspersed, or pre-rolled within these
videos, but imagine, if you will, Victoria’s Secret 24/7. Picture it: a
bevy of models prancing up-and-down the stage, all day and all night.
Each one stopping at the end of the stage, and peering into the webcam
to talk about what they’re wearing, and to interact with customers who
are watching and chatting. There’d be sponsors of course, but I
envision another layer as well. What about shopping? A Victoria’s
Secret shopping experience could be embedded onto the Web page where
the video and chat are housed, with customers being enticed to click as
each new outfit or item appears in the live video. The shopping
experience would contain search functionality so that a customer could
look up whichever item the current model is wearing and talking about.

It might sound like a crazy idea. The programming and production
would be major tasks. And where would VS get all of those models from
anyway? Yeah, I know I’m coming at this with a lack of sleep, and
Ronald Lewis now has his shirt on again. But if Victoria’s Secret does
this — I want my consulting fee.


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