TechStars startup launches product

TechStars startup launches product

By Business Report Staff

July 20, 2007 —

– Bloggers who are tired of those anonymous naysayers leaving negative
comments on their sites might want to try Intense Debate’s new product.

Intense Debate, a team in the TechStars program in Boulder, launched
a new commenting system for blogging on Sunday at The system allows bloggers to track comments by
people responding to their blog – creating a reputation of sorts for
that commenter. The system also threads comments together making it
easier to follow comments because they don’t follow a linear format.

Cohen said Intense Debate’s product helps to solve the problem that
comment systems on blogs today are extremely basic. "When using the
built-in blog comment systems of today, it’s impossible (to know) if
the comment author is who they say they are or even to know how much
credibility the comment author has," Cohen said. He said the system
also allows users to find other interesting comments a person has made
on other blogs.

Stan James, founder and chief technology officer of Ligit, said
Intense Debate’s product is unique because it creates a reputation for
people who leave comments on your blog, which could help to eliminate
or block "drive by" negative comments. "There’s no tool like that for
blogs right now," James said.

Josh Morgan, founder of Intense Debate, said the company’s "soft
launch" will help Intense Debate get feedback and tweak the product. He
said only select bloggers are using the commenting system right now and
more will be slowly added. "I’ve been keeping a dialogue with some
bloggers, and their response has been great," Morgan said.

Intense Debate is one of 10 teams selected from 300 applicants for
the Tech Stars program. The program, formed by entrepreneurs and
venture capitalists David Cohen, executive director; David Brown, Jared
Polis and Brad Feld, set each of the 10 groups up with office space,
$15,000 in seed money and access to about 40 mentors from a wide
variety of backgrounds.

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