The 19 Best Elearning Blogs

The 19 Best Elearning Blogs

gabe Tuesday, September 5, 2006

From learning theories to content design, metadata to LMSes, survey data to industry trends, these blogs have it all.

This list represents some of the more active e-learning blogs I've found or already read regularly. Each of these is great in its own way — be it the in-depth analysis, the industry headlines, the technical prowess — but all will get you thinking about learning and technology in new ways.

The 19 Best Elearning Blogs*
(in no particular order)

  1. Tony Karrer's eLearning Technology
    Be sure to see his First Time Visitor Guide, which highlights some of Tony's previous posts on topics ranging from Elearning 2.0 to informal learning to Learning Management Systems. (And he even quoted one of my blog posts back in June.)


  2. Harold Jarche
    A blog about "conversations at the intersection of learning, work & technology." Take a look at his recent entry on the system he uses for Personal Knowledge Management in a Web 2.0 world (as inspired by Tony's post on Personal Learning for Learning Professionals).


  3. Kevin Kruse's E-Learning Guru
    It's a blog! It's a knowledge center! It's a newsletter!


  4. Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie
    With roots in the good ol' fashion email newsletter dating back to 1997 (which you can still get), this blog from the longtime industry icon examines elearning and learning theory with a focus on larger corporations.


  5. Internet Time Blog
    Well-known lately in the industry for his theories on informal learning, this is Jay Cross' original blog, where he explores all facets of learning and technology.


  6. Dave Mozealous
    Sure, he's my colleague, but he's good and really knows what he's talking about — especially when it comes to .SWF, .FLV, Captivate, and LMS/SCORM/AICC issues — so he makes the list.


  7. elearningpost
    Short and sweet. Almost daily headlines.


  8. Online Learning Update
    Like the elearningpost, but focused more on academia.


  9. George Siemens' elearnspace
    This blog and its encompassing site "explore elearning, knowledge management, networks, technology, and community."


  10. Connectivism Blog
    Another one from George Siemens, this blog takes the concept laid out in his 2004 article on connectivism and runs with it.


  11. Breakthrough eLearning
    Co-founder and Director of Education for eLearn Campus, Rick Nigol's blog explores issues such as implementing a successful elearning program in your organization, and identifying traits of a "business problem that lends itself to eLearning" vs. traditional classroom training.


  12. Jenna Sweeney's Corporate Training & e-Learning Blog
    Here you'll read about concepts like compressing your learning object to be as small as it can possibly be with Workflow Nano-Learning , as well as the positive environmental impact of elearning.


  13. Robin Good's MasterViews International
    >From the online media expert himself, this blog is focused on PowerPoint and presentation skills. (Robin once called Articulate Presenter "the Ferrari of rich-media Web presentation tools.")


  14. Mobilemind
    Tom King's blog focuses on industry news and standards. He's chair of the AICC Communications Subcommittee and is also involved with SCORM specifications.


  15. Indezine PowerPoint Blog
    Not elearning, per se, but if your learning program is driven by PowerPoint-based content (what a concept, right?), then you'll surely find these near-daily tips and tricks on all things PowerPoint useful.


  16. Learning Circuits Blog
    This blog comes from ASTD and also features commentary by Tony Karrer, including this recent post on The Innovator's Dilemma of Learning , which will have you reexaming how you're looking at your learning development projects.


  17. Corporate eLearning Development
    Intel blogger Brent Schlenker explores elearning in the corporate world — with a personal touch. Find out the role a certain kind of hippo plays in learning.


  18. E-Learning Queen
    Susan Smith Nash's in-depth blog posts even include references to external sources — online and print.


  19. Stephen's Web
    More than a blog, this site has a very active community that's focused on all things elearning, including an extensive discussion of the Blackboard patent that's rippled through our industry.

* Why 19? Because I had to stop at some point and get this list published for you. There are probably plenty of other great elearning blogs out there, so apologies in advance if I've missed your rockin' elearning blog or your must-read favorite. What are others you'd recommend or visit daily?

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