The Website of a Young Entrepreneur is Selling Seconds

The Website of a Young Entrepreneur is Selling Seconds

NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Houthalen, Limburg, Belgium, 04/09/2006 – Stop The Second, the idea is to sell seconds of the day to advertisers. Is this the next million dollar homepage? Time (or seconds) will tell.

A fresh newcomer’s idea to sell seconds of the day is aiming high to become the next million-dollar homepage. The idea originated from a 27 year’s old Belgium citizen to sell advertising space each second of a 24 hour day.

The innovation lies in the concept, viewers are able to page through each second and have the control to start and stop the clock anytime; the clean layout is intentionally sober to draw the attention to the clock and a square showing each ad on a second interval. Imagine 86400 seconds in 24 hour, that means a lot of images, however the smoothness of this website isn’t at stake because those images are cached at client side. Advertisers have two option to buy advertising space, group by seconds or randomly. will be online for at least five years and seconds are sold $10 each, their motto is: "Be part of the future; today, tomorrow, everyday!".

Since its their kickoff phase, each bought second
will be doubled for the first ten advertisers. After the pixel mania
and their copy-cats is this a great unique idea. Will it be as
successful? Only time (or maybe seconds) will tell.

In detail
The idea is simple, buy a second, and get your logo presented and
remembered now, tomorrow and in the future. On a dayly basis your image
or logo is looped every 24 hours. The time displayed is used as a
metric to display each logo 1 second. There are 24 hours a day, this
makes 86400 seconds. Your logo will get full attention because of the
simple, clean layout of the website. If you see an interesting logo,
click on the stop button to navigate thru the logos. Every logo has a
hyperlink to the website it represents and a description if the mouse
hovers over a logo. The logo’s are off course preloaded once the page
is loaded, they are cached on the client’s PC.

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