TownKings Offers Location-Based Networking

TownKings Offers Location-Based Networking

July 6, 2007 — 06:03 AM PDT — by Kristen Nicole

TownKings is a new social network that lets you connect with others based on geographical location, and interest.

This type of geotagging lets you put yourself on a map, suggest other locations and events on a map, and search for things to do and people to meet. Events and people are represented by a plethora of map icons. You can use TownKings for a variety of location-based needs, such as dating or just finding something to do for the evening. Changing a few of your settings lets you mark your map with places you’d like to meet for a date, and announce to the community that you’re available for dating on a particular day. Viewing another user on a map will open a tiny window that contains their user profile, with different tabs that display their basics, and lets you leave a comment.

There is also a sister site entitled TownQueens, which seems to be the same as TownKings, for the female counterpart. I’d like to offer some sort of comparison between the two, but my registration for TownQueens resulted in a TownKings account. From what I can tell, though, there is no real need to have the two separate sites. All of your profile information and search preferences should cover all your bases, should you want to use this as a dating service. You can use TownKings for band promotion as well, though the site will need more “sharing” features for a band to leverage this geotagging service in a productive manner.

I’d also like to see more in depth user and location profiles, which could offer related and recommended locations, or those locations which a user has visited and added. The registration and location submission process is also a bit cumbersome, as you’re required to upload images for both your TownKings account as well as for any location you’d like added to the map, which will also have to be approved prior to it becoming available for search purposes. Somewhat similar services include FatDoor, Yumundo, Cyworld, VLES and Nuzizo.

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