TV on the Web is no cannibal.

Primetime TV Online

AUGUST 5, 2008

TV on the Web is no cannibal.

The total amount of TV US consumers watch keeps rising. While online TV is
not cutting into total viewing hours, those who mainly watch primetime
TV online may not be the biggest fans anyway.

More than 20% of US consumers ages 13 to 55 surveyed watched
some primetime television programming online during spring 2008,
according to Integrated Media Measurement Inc.’s (IMMI’s)
"Online Viewership Brief." Those who tuned in to primetime TV online
were likely to watch fewer total hours of programming per month.


IMMI also found that while traditional live TV viewing
remained consumers’ top choice for watching primetime content, digital video recorders (DVRs) were
the preferred method for 31% of respondents. Only 4% of viewers liked
to see primetime TV on the Web first.

While some media executives debate whether short
or long
videos are best for the Web, the total amount of video viewed in the US continues to rise. The Nielsen Company
studied individual video viewers in May 2007 and May 2008 and found
that although Internet video viewing time had increased, so had TV
viewing time.


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