Tweens More Likely To Watch TV On Cell Phones: Survey

Tweens More Likely To Watch TV On Cell Phones: Survey

By W. David Gardner / InformationWeek
Mon Dec 3, 2007 4:50 PM ET

A new generation of children as young as 8 years old is already using
cell phones and using them in unique ways, according to a study
released Monday by the Nielsen Co.

In a survey of 5,500 children, the market research firm said that
35% of tweens — kids between 8 and 12 — own cell phones. Although
many of the tweens use their mobile phones in expected and traditional
ways, many utilize their phones in distinctive ways.

The report found 20% of tweens use their mobile phones for text
messaging and 21% use ring and answer tones; they also often download
wallpapers, music, and games.

One surprising finding revealed that tweens use their mobile phones
for entertainment while at home where they are likely to have access to
TV and music playing devices. Nielsen said 58% of tweens who watch TV
on their phones do so at home, while 64% of tweens who play music on
their phones also carry out the activity at home.

"Marketers and media executives need to understand these ‘digital
natives’ as they mature and reshape the way we all think about new and
traditional media," Jeff Herrmann, Nielsen’s VP for mobile media, said
in a statement.

Nielsen, which surveyed both tweens and teens in its study, found
that tweens differ from teens. They spend less time surfing the
Internet and, once they are online, tend to use the Internet for
gaming. One the other hand, teens spend more time online — an hour a
day or more usually — and their chief activity is e-mail.

"In addition to the differences between adult and youth media
consumers, there’s an important gap between the media behaviors of
teens and tweens," said Herrmann, who noted that the Nielsen report
sorted out the differences.


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