Ulster mom’s reality TV blog gets half-a-million hits a week

Ulster mom’s reality TV blog gets half-a-million hits a week: may strike deal with TV station

June 7, 2007 | By Andy Merrett

Proving that celebrity gossip and reality TV is big business, an Ulster mother has found great success running her own reality TV blog that now gets a massive half-a-million hits every week.

Fueled by the interest in UK shows such as Big Brother (currently running), Lisa McGarry’s blog is now so popular that she’s in negotiation with Channel Four to gain access to contestants as they’re evicted from the house.

Unreality TV
now covers news and gossip on over 30 shows, and has grown from small
beginnings. Two years ago, it was getting just 100 hits each week. Lisa
now runs the blog full-time, and gets a lot of show news sent to her
ahead of time.

"It’s fabulous. It’s such a relief that I don’t have to run around trying to find information. It’s now brought to me. It’s great to have things brought to your front door and it’s exciting to get all that info in advance, even if it’s embargoed," she said.

Of course, like any subject, you have to be passionate and committed, particularly if you’re starting as a one-person operation (I’d find it tough as I personally can’t stand most reality TV shows). However, it proves that, even in the age of big businesses with lots of cash for staff and marketing, the little guys can make it big, with the right subject matter, tenacity, commitment, and just a little luck.

Good on you, Lisa. It’s an inspiring tale.

(Via Belfast Telegraph)


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