US Hispanic Mobile Use, Revenues Up

US Hispanic Mobile Use, Revenues Up

AUGUST 22, 2007

But one mobile strategy will not reach all users.

Americans are the fastest-growing and youngest US mobile segment, with
the highest average revenue per user of any demographic group,
according to Telephia‘s "Q2 2007 Mobile Hispanic Report," cited in RCR News.

Telephia also found that US Hispanics were nearly twice as
likely as non-Hispanics to access wireless Internet through their

"US Hispanics tend to come from larger families and are less
likely to have Internet access at home than the overall population,"
said Levi Shapiro, Telephia’s director of mobile media, in the article.
"These factors may explain why so many in this demographic view the
handset as their primary multimedia access device."

Mobile data are helping to drive the group’s high average revenue per user, but voice usage is high as well.


us hispanic mobile use.gif

An M:Metrics
study in March 2007 also found heavier mobile content and application
usage among Hispanics compared with the total mobile population.

us hispanic mobile use2.gif

Hispanic Americans are heavy users of various consumer electronics and media, as reported previously.

The rising Hispanic population in the US means that Miami, Los
Angeles, New York and Houston are no longer the only geographic
targets. Hispanics make up more than 10% of the population in 14
states, making targeting a regional matter, if not a national one.

But Hispanic Americans are not a homogeneous group.

"A one-dimensional content strategy is not going to work," said
Nick Montes, president of Viva Vision, a Hispanic-focused,
English-language mobile video programmer, in the RCR article. "It is critical to focus on a sub-segment of the Hispanic marketplace."

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