Video to Consume One-Third of Each Day

Video to Consume One-Third of Each Day

JUNE 25, 2008

Video entertainment to rival sleep time.

US Internet users ages 12 and older surveyed in June 2008 spent 6.1 hours daily with video-based
entertainment, according to Solutions Research Group‘s
"Multiplatform Video Report."

Solutions Research Group said that about four hours per day were spent on traditional television, including live,
digital video recorder (DVR) and video-on-demand (VOD) viewing. Video games, Web and PC video, DVDs and
video on mobile devices accounted for the balance of video entertainment hours.

Average Amount of Time per Day that US Consumers Spend Watching TV or Online Video As a Percent of Total Time Spent with Video-Based Entertainment*, by Gender, 2008

The research company predicted that total hours with video-based
entertainment would grow by nearly one-third to an average of about
eight hours per day by early 2013.

While total video time is predicted to increase, most of that gain will go to online video, not TV.

Key research from Deloitte Development
signifies the shift away from TV to the Internet, with 69%
of respondents in the firm’s second annual "The State of the Media
Democracy" survey saying their computer has become more of an
entertainment device than their TV.


It may not surprise anyone that 80%
of the youngest respondents see the computer in that light. But
over one-half of even the oldest respondents turn to the PC before
the TV—a true sea change.

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