Web 2.0 Startup of the Day: SciTalks

Web 2.0 Startup of the Day: SciTalks


The perfect science lecture? It should be delivered by an absent-minded boffin in a jumper that hasn't been washed for seventeen years, must require covering a huge whiteboard in indecipherable equations, and needs to involve several explosions, of which at least one must be unplanned.

Sadly, don't think there are many of those on SciTalks, a new site gathering over 1,000 video recordings of science lectures from around the world. The actual content is hosted elsewhere – YouTube, for example – so it's more of a directory service.

However, Web 2.0 features include the ability to set up your own channel of videos, submit your own links, and even upload your own videos. And there's more Chomsky lectures than you can shake a capitalist stick at.

SciTalks website

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