Web-Cam Based ‘Next-Generation Portal’ Launches HeyCosmo

Social Video Networking: Web-Cam Based ‘Next-Generation Portal’ Launches – HeyCosmo

Saturday, June 16, 2007; Posted: 9:14 PM – by Social Computing News Desk

it as "a stimulating, entertaining and interactive, free web-cam
service based on a social video networking platform, enabling live
interactivity and communication on the Internet," the team at Arsenal
Interactive Inc., will on Monday be launching the public beta version
of HeyCosmo (www.heycosmo.com).

has pioneered a new way for people to interact as if they were
face-to-face, using a web-based video technology connecting people no
matter where they are," notes James H. Im, president and CEO of Arsenal
Interactive, Inc. "HeyCosmo represents the evolution of casual games,
chat rooms, social networks and video networks by empowering people to
interact, communicate and share their favorite things on the web with
others around the corner or around the world," he added.

held and headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Arsenal Interactive was
founded in November 2006 and is a web-cam based social video network

HeyCosmo, its flashship "next-generation portal," is
built upon its proven and scalable technologies by a team of industry
executives and engineers in emerging technologies, media, sports, and
multimedia communications applications including advanced video codecs,
wireless multimedia and real time multimedia services.

center of the HeyCosmo experience, says Im, is a real-presence,
multimedia window "that can display just about anything on your desktop
including, videos, images, games, or whatever participants choose to
share and view together instantaneously."

its launch on June 18, HeyCosmo will showcase the world¹s first live,
multi-playable Texas Hold’em poker game "bringing the world of virtual
gaming to life," says Im, who adds:

the possibilities of playing a virtual game of poker at 30 frames per
second. It’s just like being in the same room, around the same poker

Im explains, will enable users to enjoy and partake in gaming "with
points and winnable prizes" as well as other community-based activities
such as Draft Day Parties, Fantasy League sports, and
dance/music/karaoke activities.

it’s not only gaming that Arsenal Interactive see HeyCosmo users as
being involved in. "Browsing a web in real-time within HeyCosmo with a
group of participants can enable a more engaging and powerful ad hoc
discussion and informational exchange, including cooking
demonstrations, IT training, and enthusiast discussions," Im says. 

"Social video networking" at its best, he hopes.


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