What is O3, and How Does It Work with Air?

What is O3, and How Does It Work with Air?

O3 is made several ways. One, when Ultra Violet Rays collide with a contaminant such as carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NO2 and N2O) in the presence of oxygen (O2). Two, {corona} high voltage discharge. Lightning is a perfect example of making an abundance of O3 to purify the earth's surface Nature's way. You have noticed the clean fresh smell after a thunderstorm or dried clothing hung on a clothes line in the hot sun.
Cold plasma O3a no heat process, is an electrical term that produces a refined O3, perhaps to the purity limits to call it  medical grade O3.  

High voltage {corona}, breaks apart the two atoms of oxygen. Quickly these single atoms hop to other oxygen molecules making three atoms. {O3}. Confused, these atoms do not like this arrangement and want desperately to undo this trio. When this O3 molecule floats around in the environments air, one of the atoms spots a contaminant to attach itself to breaking away from the other two atoms. To it's surprise, the attack on the contaminant created an explosion. Both the contaminant and the single atom are destroyed. This leaves the other two atoms behind. Pure oxygen {O2} without the presence of the contaminant. This explosion changed the contaminant into carbon dioxide and hydrogen which we can breathe. The same explosion happens when UV from the sun collide with a contaminant in ambient air.

Should the O3 molecule not find a contaminant in it's environment, it will attack itself to change it's configuration of O3 back to O 2 in 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature.

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This tells us FIVE important things about O3:

(1) We have only 20 to 30 minutes to use the O3 molecule for an attack on a contaminant.

(2) It is a suicide molecule. It looks for a contaminant to attack destroying itself…

(3) It has a ONE to ONE kill ratio with the attack.

(4) It is made of oxygen rearranged into concentrated oxygen for a short time.

(5) Refined O3 IS NOT THE OZONE AS YOU KNOW IT, nor is it the ozone that is referred to as being harmful.  A recent study paid for by the U. S. EPA has changed the entire concept about ozone being poisonous, dangerous, and harmful to humans. The 1999 U. S. EPA Executive Summary Report refers to it as "atomic oxygen and oxygen radicals created by cold-plasma."  The  EPA states: "The principal application is hospital ventilation with secondary applications in office buildings, schools, and other facilities."
EPA's 1999 Executive Summary Report 

What is cold-plasma? The word ozone is portrayed to be poisonous and harmful to your health when in fact it is just the opposite.  Other gases are manufactured in the process of making the O3  that are harmful, one being nitric oxide. Cold -plasma technology isolates the O3 molecule from all theses unwanted gases . In fact, there are numerous scientific studies to prove the results of medical use of O3. The cold-plasma technology is a process to produce refined ozone (extraction of O 3 only) that may soon be recognized as the medical grade ozone that has been used in other countries for over 150 years.

Authority: Dr. Clark Thorp, Ph. D., M.D. Acting Chairman, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Armour Research foundation, Illinois Institute of Technology. "Pure Ozone isnon-toxic even in concentrations as great as 20 to 50 parts per million of air." Hill, a physician specializing in industrial hygiene states, "Pure ozone is not poisonous in any sense of the word as it breaks down in contact with the mucous membrane and only oxygen remains."

What is medical grade ozone? "The politics of AIDS and Ozone" by Thomas Levy, MD  from "Extraordinary Science", July-Sep 1994  "When ozone is formed from ordinary air exposed to electrical discharge or ultraviolet light, other toxic gasses, such as nitrogen oxides, are formed as well. Ozone therapies use ozone generated from pure, medical-grade oxygen. The toxicity question, hen, is a potential point of misunderstanding. However, stating ozone has no known medical uses is nothing short of sheer lunacy."

O3 was discovered in the mid 1800's and has been used for hundreds of applications since; Purifying drinking water, fire restoration, fish hatcheries, the tropical fish industry, manufacturing, and air quality,  just to name a few. In the past century, Oxygen/Ozone Therapy has been used to treat just about all kinds of illnesses, including some forms of cancer, respiratory problems, gangrene, injuries, and now HIV. There are more than 650 files on the medical grade O3 subject with constant additions by physicians and scientists from all over the world.

Even though medical-grade O3 is harmless to humans and pets, medical grade O3 is lethal to almost all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and cancer cells. Numerous articles in scientific literature prove this fact. Medical grade O 3 also will eliminate Pollens that cause eye, nose, sinus infections and allergies; Carbon Monoxide that causes headache, nausea, shortness of breath and death; Formaldehydethat causes headache, nausea, shortness of breath and asthma; Chemical Gases that causes lung damage, headache, nausea and irritations; Benzene that causes brain damage, headache, nausea, irritations; Dust Mites that cause asthma attacks, allergies, infections, fatigue and depression; Mold & Mildew that causes allergies, fatigue, depression, sinus disorders and death; Cigarette Smoke that produces 4,600 chemical compounds, and much more to list. O3 is 5,000 times more powerful as a germicide than chlorine. When O3 is made by {corona } high voltage discharge and even by the cold-plasma process it produces negative ions as a byproduct. Negative Ions transport the O3 molecule to the air borne contaminant. Purifying on the attack, it also neutralizes the positive charged dust causing it to fall to the floor and be captured in the A/C filter.


Activated oxygen manufactured by cold plasma generator plates is arelatively new technology that uses only the O2 molecule and because of   "a no heat process " it does not produce significantly any other off gasses such as nitric oxide or other poisonous gases. It is said that because of cold plasma, man has created the most purest O3 ever made out of ambient air, perhaps pure enough for medical applications.  Simply put, cold plasma breaks the O2 molecule into two single O's without using heat and forces the single O's out through a restricted space encouraging their escape through a crowded magnetic field reforming (bonding) them   into O3's for a given time. Once made and thrown out into the environment, a little heat like 90 or so degrees, the (half life) of the O3 is drastically shortened. In the presence of colder air (60 degrees or less,) the half life is prolonged to an hour to an hour and a half. The same as placing any molecules in a refrigerator (below 45 degrees) to decrease its molecular activity, like milk.

The "cold" in cold plasma is meant as low electric current as opposed to "hot" a high electrical current  which of course would cause an arcing.  Arcing like a welding rod causes heat thus influencing other gasses to occur from ambient air.

A capacitor holds electricity and will severely arc on a discharge.  Cold plasma generation works like a capacitor (electrical holding tank) that has a regulated electrical leak allowing the high voltage to evenly bleed off constantly making very steady refined O3.

American Heritage Dictionary: "  plasma;   Physics. An electrically neutral, highly ionized gas composed of ions, electrons, and neutral particles. It is a phase of matter distinct from solids, liquids, and normal gases."

Odatus® Has the patent (#6793897)with the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office on cold plasma refined O3 along with eight years of research. Odatus® applications and machinery are in office buildings, nursing homes, ships, and many homes across the country. Most of these installations were made over five years ago.  

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