What percentage of gift cards go unused?

What percentage of gift cards go unused?

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8.5% 23%
15.5% 43%
24.5% 24%
31.5% 12%

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The correct answer is: 8.5%

According to the National Retail Federation, $18.5B worth of gift cards will be handed out this holiday season, up 6.6% from 2004.In total, an estimated $56B will be spent on gift cards in 2005 alone. Retailers love the concept of gift cards because it simplifies the gift-giving process for some consumers and because they know that not all cards will be redeemed for their full amount. According to a recent study by the TowerGroup, 8.5% of the value of gift cards go unredeemed, accounting for approximately $4.8B each year.

If you received a gift card this Christmas and do not think you will end up using it, there is hope. Several new web sites have popped up to help people monetize unwanted gift cards. Some analysts estimate the value of this secondary market in gift cards to be worth $1.5B and the end of the year is the best time of year to find good bargains on second hand cards. Each of the exchanges has its own set of rules, but most require a small registration fee, a transaction fee or both. On most sites you can find cards selling at a 10-15% discount to its face value. The discount can vary dramatically depending on where the gift card can be redeemed. Some of the more popular gift card exchanges include:

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