What should be in your Presentation to Investors?

What should be in your Presentation to Investors?

You got the right referral and sent the executive summary. The investor has agreed to meet with you. What do you say? How do you say it in 30 minutes and 10 slides?

First, be passionate about what you are presenting. Believe in your plan and your solution. Don't look at the slides when you are presenting. Practice your story even if that means doing it in front of a mirror. Keep the slides "thin" and use them as a discussion guide. What is on the slides should be a guide to what you are saying, not actually what you are saying!

You can see how long it takes to do the presentation and how much time you spend on each slide by using "Rehearse Timings" in Powerpoint.

And please, turn off your screen saver so those pictures of your last vacation don't appear on the screen when you are trying to make a serious point.

I suggest that you include the following in your presentation:
Slide 1. Your Hook: State what problem your solution solves and how you make money doing it. What pain in the marketplace do you address? How deep and compelling is the pain? Answer the question, so what? This is the most important slide.

Slide 2. The Management Team: Who are you, your domain expertise, and how you have shown you can execute before? If you paid for some fancy education put that here too. You may list your outside advisors to add credibility. How will you fill the holes in your team?

Slide 3. Market and Targeted Customer Prospects: Just how big is the space you are playing in? Is it growing?

Slide 4. Sample Market Scenario: Give a sample how customers solve the problem now without your solution. This brings it to a level that any investor can relate.

Slide 5. Detailed Solution: How does your business solve the problem and how revenue is generated. Do a product demo if appropriate. Do you have a technology partner to build your solution or will you do it yourself? What is your sales and marketing strategy?

Slide 6. Strategic Alliances or Key Customers: Who else has bought into your vision that could provide a competitive advantage. What will your marketing strategy be to sell and market your solution?

Slide 7. Competition: What are their strengths and weaknesses? Explain your sustainable competitive advantage and how you different yourself.

Slide 8. Company Milestones: What have you accomplished so far. How much time and money have you invested? Money put into date. Have you built a prototype or proven the concept?

Slide 9. Financial Expectations: Beyond the hockey stick projections, what is your basic financial strategy in terms of revenue streams and margins? What is your path to profitability? When will you be cash flow positive? Why do your revenues increase year to year? How much of the market do you need to get this thing big?

Slide 10. Funds Needed: State how much and what you will use the money for. Discuss future rounds of capital needed and what the investor's exit strategy is.

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