What will I find here?

You will find everything you need to be an Entrepreneur.  Even if you don’t have the time, energy and aspiration to become one.   We will give you all the energy!  Every article, every sound bites, every word were choosen, written, typed to inspire.

Most if not all the articles are what I call.. timeless.  Like math and science where 1+1 will be 1+1 a hundred years from now.   The articles of inspiration, howto and mindset to get involved as an entrepreneur will never change.   Whether it was wheeling a cart of wood to sell a thousand years ago or little online shop selling hand made pottery to pure online service like Google.  It doesn’t matter.

So in a nutshell here is what you’ll find on this site:

  • Timeless information
  • Step by step howto’s
  • How they did that?
  • Inspiring stories of entrepreneurship from all walks of life
  • Articles to inspire ideas and inventions.  I’ve placed articles around that may at the surface not an article of value.  But looking at it with "New Eyes ".    You will see the light…. :) 

blog-neweyes.jpgAgain these articles most of which I’ve collected over the years were used to inspire myself to pursue my Entrepreneur endeavor.  They were my inspiration and guide since I had no mentor or guide.  As I’m still trying to find my focus and passion.  I’ve decided to put up this website to help others who are on the same boat.

Whether you’re 10 or 95, man, child or a woman, East Indian or an American Indian.  You will find articles, facts, and stories to inspire and guide with no race, gender, age, color or creed specific.   Business is an agnostic endeavor.  

Additionally, I’ve also included everything from psychology to case studies to step by step articles.  Everyone from successful entrepreneur to individuals with great insights.  

I hope you will linger and dive into my collection of hard to find articles.  PS> I’ve decided to copy most if not all the articles because I found it so frustrating having the link to only disappear when I needed it the most.  With no traces of them to be found, necessity being the mother of all inventions... not that I invented copy/paste.  In my eyes, these are absolutely invaluable and to have these treasures disappear was unthinkable.   So I made personal copies of them for safe keeping with never the intention of publishing them.   They are not my work so I tried my darnest to find the source once again and provide a link back and/or give credit where credit is due.

I will start writing my own articles in the blog section as I do a brain dump of all that I’ve learned including my current endeavor making myself as a case study for all to enjoy.



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